The southern chapter of ISG was formed by Prof.N.Madanagopalan along with Prof.N.Rangabashyam , when only few Gastroenterologists were in southern India. Since the speciality of gastroenterology has grown , individual states in southern India had their own branches of ISG, and hence our branch is named Tamilnadu chapter of ISG.

Prof.N.Madanagopalan and Prof. Rangabashyam were the early members of ISG and they later on became the presidents of ISG. The other members who became presidents of ISG are: Prof.V.I.Mathan , Prof.B.Pulimod,Prof.B.Krishnarao,Prof.Col.Krishnan, Prof.P.RajaSambandam, Prof.P.Advaitam (present President).

Earlier the tamil nadu chapter has held two national conferences of the ISG. One was organized by Prof.N.Madanagopalan at Ooty in 1973 and another by Prof.B.Krishnarau at Madras in 1985..